We bring electricity savings
to communities & companies
through solar power.

Our team of seasoned solar experts and engineers designs, finances, develops, constructs and maintains solar power installations across the Philippines. All of our systems provide significant electricity savings to our clients, while also producing clean renewable energy to help preserve the environment for generations to come.

About Us

For over a decade, UGE Philippines has been helping businesses and communities save substantially on electricity by converting to cleaner, cheaper solar energy. Our project finance division, UGE Capital, sets us apart from other solar providers in the Philippines. Our ability to provide long term financing to clients removes the barriers to entry for commercial/industrial clients seeking the benefits of solar, but without a large up front investment. Flexible financing options ensure our clients are able to capture energy savings and obtain the benefits of clean energy under terms that align with their long-term strategy. Regardless of whether you purchase the system or chooses no cash out financing with UGE, clean energy generated from the sun is cheaper than the grid – everywhere in the Philippines.

Explore a few of our completed projects, which have saved thousands of pesos for businesses, municipalities, and organizations across the country.


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Sales Manager

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Development Consultant

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